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Corporate Overview

Easington specialises in providing strategic advice and operational services to biopharmaceutical and medtech companies with products in preclinical and clinical development. We offer a wide range of product development services tailored specifically to the needs of small companies.

We aim to add value to your Company's commercial objectives through our understanding of and ability to integrate the elements critical to the success of a development program, including the strategic, operational and scientific aspects that underpin a development program.

With our extensive experience in preclinical and early phase clinical development, we are uniquely positioned to understand the challenges faced by emerging biotechnology and medtech companies, within an ever increasingly competitive and regulated global environment.

Our clients are predominantly Australian biopharmaceutical and medtech companies and international companies interested in coming to Australia. We work across a broad range of development areas including:

Strategic Services

A strategic approach to your development program - Ensure your company’s regulatory and commercial objectives are achieved

Operational support

A wide range of services to support your development program, generating high quality data acceptable to major international regulators


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